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With the increased use of rubber liners in the construction of outdoor ponds comes the problem of securing the coping stones to the rubber.

Why? (Because concrete does not bond to rubber, like it bonds to rock). Rubber is too smooth. Concrete needs something to grab on to.)

The Solution: RockToRubber™ helps bond these incompatible materials.

“This revolutionary new product can be used in repairs, cosmetic applications and construction of rubber lined ponds.For light-weight construction purposes, RockToRubber™ can be used to construct entire ponds or just provide a safe rock to exit your pond.”


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U.S. Patent 7,637,064 B2 US8028484

U.K. Patent GB2448620; GB2472314

SEE an illustration of RTR working under the Rock.

Rock + concrete + ROCKTORUBBERTM + rubber liner = EASY & safe!

How Does It Work? Is It Magic or RocktoRubber™ ?

There are 2 units securing this 50 plus pound demonstration rock to a piece of
rubber liner - as seen at the April 2006 meeting of the Austin Pond Society.

  • * A simple design, it's easy to use and it works!
  • * Product size is approximately 12" x 6".
  • * Fish-safe materials used
  • * Constructed by hand in the U.S.A.
  • * Versatile and Durable
  • * Adds greater strength, safety and stability