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What is the best way to pot your plants with roots?

The full grown plants with roots will start to grow much faster than cuttings after potting them. When potting, cover the roots with gravel. The gravel should be no larger than pea gravel. In fact, a mix of just a little smaller than pea gravel and pea gravel works best. Place a few small stones around the bunch to prevent larger fish from uprooting them.

What is the best way to pot your cuttings?

The best way to plant a new cutting is to first lightly strip about one inch of the leaves from the bottom stem being very careful not to break the stem. Place a group of stems in the center the pot and cover so the stripped area is below the gravel line. It is best to plant Anacharis and Cabomba in bunches of three instead of the five to six they are sold in. This gives the plants room to grow and also helps prevents solids from building up between the stems. These solids can sometimes cause the plants to rot. Plant cuttings in the same way as for rooted plants concerning gravel and placement of stones in pot. Cuttings will need to be protected from medium to large fish until they get the time needed to start producing their own root systems.

How many bunches do I need for my pond?

About one bunch per two square feet of surface area. This is the length times the width of your pond. If your pond is ten feet long and five feet wide, your surface area is fifty feet square feet. You will need to plant about twenty-five bunches.

What is the best way to oxygenate the water in my pond?

It should be noted that oxygenating plants do little in providing oxygen for fish. They are far better for controlling algae than producing enough oxygen for your fish. The best way to create oxygen for your fish is by some type of water movement like waterfalls, fountains, wind and air pumps with air stones.

How can I safely anchor rock to the sides or edges of my pond?

Our patented product, RockToRubber™, is a simple yet unique device that anchors stones of various types to rubber liner. Learn more about RockToRubber™ and how your pond builder can use it!

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